Holiday gift for video game collectors and retro gamers

We’re already in the middle of the Christmas season and the typical questions we all ask ourselves: What can I give for Christmas? How can I get an original gift? What is the best thing to give to video game collectors and retro gamers?

Although we can’t help you with the right size for a sweater or the best-smelling perfume, we can give you some ideas for Christmas gifts that will make video game collectors very happy.

We live in a time where the offer of video games is huge and it can be overwhelming to choose just one, especially when making a gift for someone else, but there are some tricks to narrow down this search to a few options that you will always get right:

  • Physical vs. digital. It may seem a cliché, but if you have the chance to choose a physical game over its digital version, do it. It’s pure psychology: it’s always more exciting to find a gift under the Christmas tree with a name tag than to see nothing and have someone hand you a piece of paper with a download code or say ‘check your Steam library, you have a gift’.
  • Take reference from their tastes. The problem is you don’t know what genre the person you’re gifting might like best? Take a look at their digital library of games or their physical collection to take references, although there are some genres that are usually a sure hit, such as action, platformers or arcade for retro lovers.
  • Special Editions or Collector’s Editions. This is undoubtedly the best option to give as a gift. Whether it is a game that you already have on another platform, that you have already played or that you have not yet had the opportunity to try, a Special Edition or Collector’s Edition will always add an extra to your gift.

At Abylight we know firsthand what these editions mean to video game lovers (because we are too!), so we’re going to make you a couple of essential recommendations for you to get it right this year with a gift specially designed for:

  • Video game lovers
  • Fans of Special Editions
  • Collectors of physical games

Cursed Castilla EX Collector’s Edition

Banner Cursed Castilla for Nintendo Switch. Special Edition with Collector's Set in Abylight Shop

Arcade Cut-Out: Build your own cardboard cabinet with lenticular 3D screen and bring some of that classic arcade spirit into your home!
Key-Chain: made with iron and gold plated, keep your keys safe with the fairies.
Making-Of Book: A full color booklet of 36 pages.
Sticker: Circular sticker sized 6 cm diameter.
Original Soundtrack: 1 CD with the full Original Soundtrack by Gryzor87.
Manual: A full color booklet of 24 pages.
Reversible Inlay: Reversible print of the game cover.
Game cartridge: Cartridge for Nintendo Switch™.

Hyper Light Drifter Special Edition

Banner Hyper Light Drifter for Nintendo Switch. Special Edition with Collector's Set in Abylight Shop

Poster: A full color illustration sized 51 x 31 cm.
Key-chain: The Drifter’s Companion sized 4 cm.
Lenticular Card: A Rosetta Stone card to interpret the forgotten language of the land.
2 CD: Original Soundtrack by Disasterpeace.
Sticker: Circular sticker sized 6 cm diameter.
Manual: A full-color booklet of 24 pages.
Inlay: Reversible print of the game cover.
Game cartridge: Cartridge for Nintendo Switch™.

Now you can get your hands on one of our most special editions with free shipping from November 30th until December 25th to make the perfect gift for video game collectors.

Don’t miss out on this unique Christmas offer and give the perfect gaming gift this Christmas!

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